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You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. File activity incomplete. Files with errors: 1 index. Thanks in advance! Show 4 replies. Also when I removed the CD from the drive, I stopped getting 'too slow' messages, even though the drive had not been playing. Sun Sep 09, pm The computer was reading the audio files from the DVD drive, hence the slow disk messages. Every time you create a project, before you create or record anything, do a Save As and check "Include Assets".

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That way everything you add will be copied to the project's folder. Mon Sep 10, pm That makes sense! Mon Sep 10, pm Well, I just did that to the track, which did load this time with the audio files Happens every time I load the project, in fact. Do the files get renamed? It seems iPhoto assigns file names to all selected image files selected for import, then lists the files that were unable to be imported. No image remains attached to the file name. I got the above response when I tried to import an image to my desktop, my pictures and my documents, that I sent to myself in an email from my iPhone and downloaded.

I can open the image in Preview. Pls read the posted article above for your enlightenment. Pls note the following quote from Paul …. Huh, the Apple key, lol. The shape itself, which has appeared in different forms for thousands of years in Europe, may have its origins in a heraldic symbol called the Bowen knot. He demanded that his team find a suitable symbol to replace it. She presented the symbol to the team, they squealed with delight, and the Command key as we now know it was born. Confuses the heck out of those who use newer Apple or non-Apple keyboards.

Hold these keys down for approximately seconds, then let go. I am an Apple Certified tech, have worked on these Macs for over 15 years. Good luck. Yes, rarely has repair permissions helped solve any issues, except the the occasional one like the examples of Pages and Garageband posted above.

DiskWarrior can truly fix some ugly disk problems.

It has saved my bacon several times resurrecting dead disks from the grave as long as they are still spinning. Hi could you please let me know how to fix copying data using diskwarrior; need to fix permissions.

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Repairing permissions is always useless on Mac OS X. Repairing permissions in Mac OS X is not always useless, there are situations where it is warranted as discussed in this article and the article you link. Little know fact: Disk Utility does not touch anything in your home folder when repairing permissions. My permissions never seem to get repaired. I run Repair Permissions and see the list of permissions that are claimed to be repaired. Then I clear the list and run Repair Permissions again and there is the same list again.

What to do next? I too had a problem with a software update to Pages. First it said it was an error and to go to the app store and try there. I did and nothing would download, it said waiting for a full day. I Repaired Permissions and the software update to Pages worked as it should. Related to disc permissions, recently I was unable to update GarageBand to the latest version. When I tried to update, I got a error message that the original user was not logged into the App Store. After banging my head against the wall for a long time I finally decided to repair permissions.

To my surprise, this actually fixed the problem and I was then able to update GarageBand. Working in IT I heard this all the time, as if it was the defrag for Mac, oh do it on everything, why not? But research takes effort, something few want to do. Since I updated to Yosemite, the bluetooth has disappeared. Someone told me that Repair Disck Permission will help me!

I did it! There are specific versions for each OSX release, so be sure to get the appropriate one. Some problems can be solved by clearing the caches as well. Onyx is useful for doing this. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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