Mac springsheen blush review and swatch

And although I haven't been a fan of Danity for a long time, I find myself reaching for it more now.. Peachykeen looks gorgeous! I love you mac peach blush collection since i love peach blushes, i always know which ones i want from your pictures : xx. I haven't branched out into mamy other high-end blushes as of yet.

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I like how MAC has a ton of colours. What a great post! My favourite is Warm Soul and from the regular blushes, Peaches is also my favourite, so easy to wear!

(Review) Mac Springsheen & Mac Melba powder blushes

I also love a good peach blush but you should try blushbaby, I find its a nice blush when you wear a smokey eye and nice on fair skin tones. My blush drawer is my most treasured, I just can't get enough!! Thanks for the swatches! Post a Comment. Labels: Blush , MAC. Newer Post Older Post Home.

I've been collecting MAC blushes for a while now and I have often meant to review them separately. I get asked alot about MAC blushes- do I think they are worth it, are they as good quality as the eyeshadows, what do the different finishes mean, etc.

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First things first, there are several different types of finishes of MAC blush, and I have noted that the quality differs quite significantly between the different finishes. Matte : as the name would suggest, this just means a flat colour with no shimmer or glitter. In my experience, these blushes have the best colour payoff of the bunch. Satin: I think this is a hybrid of matte and frost- the colour applies quite matte but leaves a soft satin, not frosty finish. Sheertone: Again, as the name would suggest, this blush goes on quite sheer and can be built up for extra colour payoff if that is the desired effect.

Sheertone Shimmer: The same as above, but with a touch of shimmer. Mineralize: These blushes are usually domed and contain traces of shimmer running throughout the blush, leaving a soft iridescent finish. Pro-Longwear- Lightweight finely milled powder promising 8 hours no fade colour capacity.

MAC Springsheen Blush Review & Swatches

Firstly, I will take you through my peaches. I love peaches and think they are so flattering on paler toned gals when applied lightly. As with bronzers etc, if you get peach happy, you risk looking like you have mud on your cheeks.

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My peach MAC choices are:. Melba: Matte. Soft coral peach.

Because this is matte, a little of this goes such a long way. This is probably one of the most pigmented blushes I have, and I always have to give my brush a good tap when applying this.

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  • When applied lightly, it's really lovely and leaves a really nice healthy, peachy glow. If you apply even a smidge too much, it looks borderline ridiculous. Sunbasque: Sheertone Shimmer. Peach with pearl. I use this as an alternative to bronzer in the summer months to warm my face. I would say that it's not the strongest pigmented blush, but it is very easily buildable. It has a gentle shimmery sheen to it also. Gingerly: Sheertone. Capri bronze. One of my favourites. In the pan, it doesn't look that spectacular but I have used this so much this summer.

    I think of it as my 'I don't really want people to know I am wearing blush' colour. If applied lightly, which is quite easy with the sheertone formulation, it leaves a really nice pinch of peach on your cheeks. Peachyke en: Sheertone Shimmer. Very baby peach.

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    Similar to Sunbasque, only pinker in tone. A little harder to wear than Sunbasque because it leans pinker on the skin than it does in the pan. This would probably be the most coral of all my peaches, and I am verrrry selective about when I choose to embrace this colour. Whatever about peaches, I absolutely love my pinks, and MAC have so many decent pink blush offerings. I am cool toned and I naturally flush pink and I find that MAC in particular have a great cross section of pink blushes that would allow me to accentuate.

    Dame: Satin. Sophisticated pink.

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    My favourite MAC blusher of them all- I have repurchased this at least four times. It is the perfect shade of not baby but not bright pink, it's very flattering, works with so many eyeshadow and lipstick combinations- I just love it. Dainty: Mineralize. Light yellow pink with gold pearl.