How to use manycam on tinychat mac

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Nov 19, AM in response to sjstevens5 In response to sjstevens5 sjstevens5 wrote: i have been able to use the tinychat. My comments are based on that information being correct.

If you are certain you have the correct one, proceed with the next step. Then test iSight again. If you need to post back for more help, tell us which apps you tested that worked and which did not. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Nov 19, PM in response to sjstevens5 In response to sjstevens5 still not working but i got rid of the ManyCam thumbnails on the preview and i can actually see myself in it, but once i click the myself the green light goes off and its just black.

Nov 19, PM in response to sjstevens5 In response to sjstevens5 sjstevens5 wrote Having eliminated iSight problems, we can concentrate on to the software that must be giving you trouble.

I am not certain which "that" you click. If you are trying to use iSight with Tinychat in Safari at the same time you have Photo Booth or Skype open, quit all apps. Then, with no other apps open, launch Safari and try Tinychat again.


If you have not yet used a Flash based video site, be sure your Adobe plugin settings are properly configured. If you don't know how to configure these settings, position hover the mouse pointer on the video window in your open browser page. Then control click to gain access to the Flash settings window and change settings to "Allow" your camera.

User profile for user: mfeldman mfeldman. Nov 21, PM in response to sjstevens5 In response to sjstevens5 I am also having a similar problem with the built in iSight and Tinychat. When I sign in to broadcast I click "allow" and then it shows the correct video in the preview, but then when it takes me back to the chat, it either doesn't show up, or only shows the microphone image and doesn't broadcast video. Not sure what the problem is. Any help? Nov 22, AM in response to mfeldman In response to mfeldman mfeldman wrote: I am also having a similar problem with the built in iSight and Tinychat.

Did you configure both mic and cam, or only cam? I configured the iSight camera, configured the microphone, unchecked the "Enable hardware acceleration" box, but it is still popping up as either static snow or just the microphone icon rather than streaming the video from my built-in iSight. Nov 22, PM in response to mfeldman In response to mfeldman here's a more complete description of what happens: I log into the chatroom I configure the settings to be "Built-in iSight" for the camera and "Built-in Microphone" for the mic I click "Allow" on the privacy settings and check the "remember" box I uncheck the "Enable hardware acceleration" under display I click "Start Broadcast" and the dialogue box pops up, prompting me with the password.

I type in the password and it takes me to the "Select Your Camera" Screen. The preview box for the built-in iSight camera shows what it should be showing the video stream , and the green light next to the actual built-in iSight turns on.

Then it takes me through the audio settings, and I click Built-in iSight and push to talk. But as soon as it takes me to the chat room again, the green light next to my iSight turns off again, and my broadcast box in the chatroom shows either static snow or just the microphone logo. The audio is fine, but it won't display video. Nov 22, PM in response to mfeldman In response to mfeldman mfeldman wrote: That looked like it was going to help.

For instance, the tinychat FAQ I cant seem to click "allow" on the flash prompt. If that action does not resolve your issue, use the contact info there to get help directly from the source. The tinychat people can either tell you how to make their product work with your system or they will be grateful for the trouble report so they can develop a fix for the problem you have encountered.

Applications Speciality level out of ten: 3. Nov 23, PM in response to mfeldman In response to mfeldman Hi, I configure the settings to be "Built-in iSight" for the camera If it actually says Built-in iSight you have a problem. User profile for user: janishaa janishaa. Nov 23, PM in response to sjstevens5 In response to sjstevens5 I'm having this exact same problem.

Tinychat functions almost in a caste-like system where statuses are given high importance.

It wont let me use my Mac's iSight to broadcast. | Tinychat Help Center

Premium members have indicators such as badges--depending on your availed premium package. Members also promote their rooms in order to be featured in the Live Directory. Status symbols are truly made to appear important on this site with the distinction of badges and featured chat rooms. To raise your status on this website, you must have a premium account.

In a seamless way of incorporating the 90s element of chat rooms and modern aesthetic, Tinychat is a satisfying sight to behold for the younger demographic. It is modern yet remains charmingly nostalgic. Fun but not cheap and gimmicky. This site screams "youth" to everyone who will deign to visit.

The navigation on the website is much more simple and minimalistic compared to the pop art feels of its mobile app counterpart.

It wont let me use my Mac's iSight to broadcast.

Although Tinychat has a lot of elements in it, never did it look noisy and cluttered. This is the feature that separates free accounts from premium ones. Tinychat Extreme and Tinychat Gold premium packages are given coins monthly whereas Tinychat Pro and standard accounts aren't. These coins are used to buy gifts from the virtual store either for yourself or for other users. Points are also important. A "cool icon" is shown next to the user's nickname depending on his or her point level.

Every virtual gift has corresponding gift points. You receive points by sending and receiving gifts. This can serve as a status symbol and increase your chance of getting featured in the Live Directory. To promote your room, you must pay coins. These coins are only available for Tinychat Extreme and Tinychat Gold subscriptions.

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You can buy virtual gifts for yourself, your current friends, and people you may want to meet in the "Virtual Store. You can even buy membership upgrades here. The more gifts you buy and receive, the higher your social status is. Live Directory is where you see live chat rooms. The chat rooms featured are the ones most promoted, near your location, and people who have the most "gifts. Tinychat retains to its theme of making something old anew with its vibrant mobile app.

Available on iOS and Android mobile, this site brings chat rooms and video conferencing to the younger generation with the youthful way it presents itself and its features to their target audience. The background is artsy and vibrant with its usage of funky, bright colors.

It does "fun" so well in a way that Tinychat's mobile app does not come across as cheap or immature. Although the user interface is not that simple, opting for a fancier look compared to simple usability, it is still fairly intuitive for their young market. I had fun with it.

Even though the premium subscriptions are really pricey, you don't really need to pay to actually use this site. Their paid services are just there if you are feeling extra or if you just have money to burn. Other than that, I can join rooms, talk to people, and do things just fine. I also like how the chatrooms are topical. Like, dude, there are rooms for makeup, boys, fashion.

How to use Manycam with Tinychat?

But there are also rooms for parental abuse, depression, and sex. Like, anything you can think of under the sun is there. Plus, like, I really love the way Tinychat looks. I feel connected to people even if I am alone in my room. Subscription is auto-renewed. The site does not only look smart and aesthetically pleasing, but it also has niche topics specifically targeting the "Instagram generation" such as makeup, sexuality, games, music, and so much more.

You can join any room and participate in the group conversation right away, whether in a video, audio, chat, or all three. Even if you are not inclined to talk to others, you can simply just listen in to other people talking--almost like a podcast. There is enough usability for free accounts. In fact, the one thing we've noticed about this site is how it is actually very generous with its features.