How to double space in microsoft word 2010 on mac

The APA guidelines currently suggest two spaces, but even they have gone back and forth over the years. If you want to search only a specific part of a document, go ahead and select that text before you start. Note that Word will search for all instances of two spaces—not just spaces between sentences. This means, for example, that if Word finds a place where someone has used five spaces instead of a tab to align text, it will replace some of those double spaces.

That part is up to you. If you searched only a selection of your document, Word will also offer to search the rest of the document for you. Either way, all the instances of the double spaces in your document or selection should now be corrected to a single space. The proper way to do it is to define styles with the appropriate formatting for the various elements of your document, in this case, the headings and the paragraphs.

Sentence spacing in Word - Office Watch

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Change Default Font and Spacing in Mac Word

Moneeb N Created on September 28, It just seems like a lot of cross-platform issues could come up this way That can do some funky things with formatting around a page break. I don't know the answer, but this happens to me all the time. The font doesn't seem to matter in my experience. Once you've used Word to create the exact document you want, export to PDF to freeze it the 'P' stands for 'portable'. Unless you really, really like poking around in options. Georgina: Thanks for the suggestion! Thanks for all the replies so far! Are you formatting for the same printer? And if you are, are the printable areas the same?

How to double space on Microsoft word for Mac 2011 version 14.5.1

It doesn't take much of a difference to alter the way Word lays things out. This same problem has happened to me in transferring Word files from one Mac to another.

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Font sizes are not identical between Mac and Windows, even with the exact same font and exactly the same formatting and margins. If you need precision, the only reliable way is to do the formatting on the same machine you expect to print it from.

What’s the Deal with Single and Double Spaces, Anyway?

Most likely this is due to differences in the print drivers. This is perhaps understandable for completely different printers, but even for the same printer model its likely that the Mac and Windows drivers will have slightly different settings.

Theres no good reason for this other than most print drivers suck. Word will look at the settings of your default printer when laying out the page. If the print driver doesnt provide a value such as printable width or height then Word will make an educated guess. One easy solution is to just set all 4 margins conservatively, move the top margin down by a line, the bottom margin up by a line etc.

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