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The adaptability and notable Performance capability of our software and hardware makes them suitable for all lighting installers and lighting designers especially those working in the Show, stage lighting, Entertainment or Architectural industries. For Video and LED mapping.

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Pro DMX is recommended for advanced users, the software is for Live performances, stage lighting, architectural and sound to light shows. It includes an accurate Light, video and audio timeline synchronization and efficient real time live controls and Live commands. This software is perfect for any architectural projects and its advanced features enable also easy live control for DJs, rental or installs. Keep a permanent control on your installations!

It has a Time Clock and allows you to take over the scenes at any time thanks to its push Led buttons. Easily mounted in a DIN electric cabinet. It can play black a show without computer in standalone. Ideal for indoor projects and installations. This new generation of DMX software offers the ultimate design, the latest tools and is now available on PC and Mac computers.

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The new Show mode allows you to build a completely customized screen. Push your light show to the next level with the new DJ app for Android and iPad. Light Rider lets you control your DMX lights without needing to program anything. Built on over 25 years of DMX lighting control experience, Light Rider finally puts a great light show into the hands of a working DJ, who might not have the time to spend hours programming scenes before a show.

You can control any DMX compatible fixture with a library of more than fixture profiles. Additional software, options and upgrades are available at the DmxSoft store. If you pony up and get the "pro" version, then you won't have any issues. New to the whole software side of DMX. Does anyone have experience with chromateq?

If so let me know pros and cons, looking into buying some lighting equipment for my church. I believe it is modeled after the expensive Martin Light Jockey.

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It's amazing the FreeStyler Developer named ljraph does all the programming by himself in his spare time. This is what I opted for: 1. Xpress Plus 3. Xpress Remote never used it 4. The purple button on the MIDI controller turns the uplights purple, the pink button turns them pink etc. Very EASY! I use the wireless battery operated Freedom Par Hex 4. No more spending time on my knees running DMX cable or looking for the closest electrical outlet.

Hawkeye PM - 14 June, Quote:. The software in Europe is called Sweet Light. Within a hour I'd got the results I needed for the show I wanted, all my fixtures apart from the strobe had pre made profiles so really it's a really good option if your worried about spending too much.

I've done 2 shows now and it's been awesome they'd have to be a really big incentive for me to spend more than I have and I've read alot about other programs but don't really see a clear advantage to them over Freestyler. Is there much validity to lots of these negative reviews: www.

The guys running it had about 20 uplights and a pair of movers. I'm not sure if their moving scenes were programmed and complex or just running in auto-run mode. I had someone who is very familiar with program build scenes for me. I am liking the layout as well. Been using an Obey to control them, typically just using channel 1 fader to call up automatic programs, which has served my purposes very well. The manual doesn't show any way to control speed via DMX, so I'm really confused how changing a controller causes this to happen.

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This combo is cheaper than some other stuff thats out there, but still gives you the main features. I use the DMXenhancer because you can tap the blackout key on beat, or press and hold the strobes while the scene is still going in the background. There is a DMX cable going from the hardware box and some like programming software on the screen??.. I posted this in another thread also but haven't heard anymore yet. Not the voice of the mc.

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Hollywood AM - 15 June, Quote:. That interface looks sick in the photo too. I've emailed them to see when it's going to be released. Hopefully you can hook it up to club lights too but I'll still be keen to use for house party, rave nights if it's reasonably simple to use. Hand PM - 26 August, Check out the videos on the Soundswitch website; they should provide you with most of the info you'd want about its functionality. Can this be done now? A guy can dream. CaptClaude AM - 24 November, 1 this is a hugely informative thread and I want to thank everyone esp.

DJ Nyce for contributing. We have common interests here. I've only been at it for a few hours, and maybe it will make sense in the morning. Thanks to all. Happy Holidays! I bought 4 LED Pars and a stand. I now need a DMX controller and software to run them. Heres my applications: 1 I want to program lights to a stereo audio track, and Play drums along to the track. I want to play along to a clicktrack. What would be awesome is if I could have the audio track and the click track in parallel to each other along the Lighting timeline, and then just turn on or off the track I want to hear in my headphones Click vs Audio track.

Which software would best suit me?

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I tried ShowXpress demo, and the issue is you cant input an audio and click track. I also think their timeline is weak as I couldnt figure out how to fade from scene to scene on the timeline, and it was a pain to align tracks to the audio.


I do like their Generator and Steps assembler however!!! Thanks for helping me out!

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Would the universe box work with Serato Soundswitch?? Let me know! Does it the software need to be running we talked about turining everything off in optimizing Serato DJ. Who has it? Does it work with Lasers? You can also create custom light shows for some songs in your DJ set if you like.

The next version of SoundSwitch, due for release in March will allow you to control Lasers. Hit us up on support soundswitch. Will this be available on a MAC? I'm sick and tired of Pangolin monopoly on Laser software. Plus it only runs on a PC.