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Add Curving, Flowing Text Make your photos or creations stand out even more with text that curves or flows any way you like. Tell Your Story in Stylized Text You can type titles and labels directly onto your photos and edit them whenever you wish. Easily select typefaces from the Font menu, which displays characters for each one. Fast Facebook Tagging Use your Facebook Friends list to quickly tag faces in your photos and easily share them on Facebook.

Find Specific Objects in Photos Want to find shots that include particular items or landmarks, such as your surfboard, your grandma's house, or the Eiffel Tower? Let Object Search automatically find your photos based on what's in them. Manage Large Photo Libraries Let Photoshop Elements automatically detect duplicate or near-duplicate photos so you can quickly group them or delete the ones you don't need.

The search function will find photos that have common content and color characteristics. Templates for Photo Sharing Share pictures in various templates for printed photo creations and Online Albums. Flexible File Saving Elements gives you the flexibility to print, upload, and share your photo creations just about anywhere, thanks to the ability to save files in JPEG and PDF formats.

Enhanced User Interface Now brighter and more intuitive, the Elements 11 UI with its intuitive Organizer makes it easier to navigate through, view and manage your pictures based on people, places and events. Choose People to filter your library down to just the photos that have a specific person in them. In Places, Map view allows you to zoom in on a particular location in the world and see which photos you captured there. Events organizes your images around what was going on when you captured them, such as a holiday, a sporting event or concert, or a day at the beach.

Additionally, you can choose whatever kind of tag best suits each photo, such as the name of your pet or a particular craft that interests you, to quickly find all photos bearing that tag later. The Smart Tag feature automatically analyzes all your photos and videos to make finding them even faster. Quickly locate all blurry shots so you can delete them, or all in-focus shots to find your best work right away.

Bigger, bolder icons, an Action bar, and the ability to select Quick, Guided and Expert editing modes all help simplify the tasks of organizing, editing and creating. You still have the flexibility to customize the interface to your liking. Lighting, for example, gives you adjustment options for Shadows, Midtones, Highlights and Exposure.

With just a click, you can make significant improvements to your images in the Quick editing mode. Guided Edits For a more in-depth, step-by-step walkthrough for making finer, more detailed fixes to your images, choose the Guided editing mode. Produce professional-grade effects by following intuitive steps in over 25 Guided Edits.

Sliders let you fine-tune these touchups.

Expert Editing Mode If you want the greatest amount of control over your editing, work in Expert mode. Plus, sliders give you the ability to fine tune the presets, adjusting qualities like darkness, contrast and vibrance. You can also add further touches, like changing the blend mode to Luminosity, instantly turning a Painted Gray Graphic Novel picture into a color one.

Easily Combine Elements from Different Photos You can cleanly extract an element from one photo and place it into another. Elements 11 simplifies the task of selecting and refining the edges of hair and other tricky content, enabling you to add relatives to family portraits, put a friend up on stage with her favorite musician, and more.

Photomerge technology allows you to combine the best aspects of a series of photos with very little effort. Now, you can easily sync all edits across your mobile devices. Browse, organize and edit your pictures anywhere you have access to a wireless Internet connection.

As great as Photoshop Elements is, the application is not without any shortcomings. First, there is a weird problem if you use multiple monitors. Elements always opens on the primary monitor, but you can drag the window to your secondary monitor or any other you might have connected.

This happens on both the Mac and Windows versions of the application. And if you own an iPhone or iPad that you use to take pictures, you might not be able to edit the images in Elements on either platform. If you use an Apple device, you will have to go into Settings for the Camera app and choose Most Compatible rather than High Efficiency. When paired with the sister application Adobe Premiere Elements , review coming soon , these two applications will make your digital life the envy of your friends.

Available in versions for both macOS and Windows and a generous license which will allow you non-simultaneous use on 2 machines — and cross-platform licensing so you can use the application on either OS — makes this a must-have tool if you want to curate your digital life. For example, you can install on both a Mac and a Windows machine.

You can use it on either the Mac or Windows, but you could not give the Mac to your significant other and use both machines at the same time. Makes sense to me — when I buy software, I expect to be able to use it 24 hr a day. It is nice that they allow installation on more than one device. That way I can install software on my laptop and desktop computers and use it either when I am at home or when I am away.

Everything works the same and is in the same place, so no matter which machine I am using the experience is consistent. And if I want to install it on another machine, I would just go to the one I want to turn off and simply sign out of my account. Then when I want it back on that device I sign off the new device and sign back in on the old. Pretty darn easy. I asked the same question when I switched to Photoshop CC. I usually leave my laptop at work and do some work from home on Photoshop and I can remote in, pull it from a folder on my laptop right into my home PC.

The short answer is no, they will not definitively know. It is the honor system. There are safeguards in place to prevent activation on more than 2 machines, but nothing to actually prevent you from using it other than your conscience. On startup it can phone home to see if there are updates, but a quick check of outbound traffic on my computer shows that is all it appears to be doing. Sounds like the argument here, though, is more around licensing than it is functionality. Have you used Photoshop too?

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I only use it to crop, fix color levels, touch up imperfections, and save in a web-friendly size. Doubt PE lets you upgrade to new versions without paying again. Comic offers four presets, plus a number of slider bars to modify the look.

Graphic Novel, my favorite of the three new filters, creates a stylized black-and-white image. However, Adobe has added a number of preset actions that you can supplement with those created in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12222 review: New automated features rely on AI

Preset actions include Borders and Lose Weight, along with some special effects Faded Ink, Sepia and two Instant Snapshot options that resize images to ppi and ppi. It actually works pretty well, although the difference is subtle. Click on the arrow for each option and drill down to see exactly what steps each one will let you take. New templates for projects such as greeting cards have been added to Elements. Premiere Elements 11 has benefited from many of the same enhancements as PSE The Video Editor offers two editing modes: Quick and Expert.

The Quick Mode, although pared down, provides the ability to either make a single-click Smart Fix adjustment or to use the automatic and manual options for Color, Lighting, Temperature and Tint. Under these headings, clickable preset thumbnails show how they will affect the video, while slider bars allow you to make more fine-tuned adjustments. Of course, you can simply click Auto within each category to allow PRE to analyze and make its own adjustments. Volume and Balance can also be tweaked in the Adjustments panel.

The timeline is more advanced as well, allowing you to work with multiple video and audio tracks. Also important are several new additions to Premiere Elements 11, especially the very cool Time Remapping feature. This feature alone may be worth the price of PRE since it allows you to slow down and speed up video clips with just a couple of clicks and it can add creative edge to your movies or to just a couple of frames. Some of the most impressive slow motion videos making the rounds on the Internet were captured with a Phantom movie camera that costs in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Yet other slow motion videos have been made with compact digital still cameras equipped with a slow motion movie option. Faster frame rates can be played back in slow motion. The video files that are produced by these digital cameras are extremely small and can only be recorded without sound. It gives you an affordable way to work with full-sized video files with sound and turn them into slow motion footage. The Time Remapping user controls are extensive. You can specify different speed levels: slow and fast. If timing is critical, specify the amount of time the footage should run and the software will calculate the appropriate speed.

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Old Film is a sepia-toned effect that simulates old film footage. Pandora is reminiscent of the film Avatar because it tints skin tones blue. Red Noir converts footage to black-and-white while retaining all the reds in the scene.