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BT Home Hub - Wireless fine but no Ethernet

This is a security standard that is, unfortunately, susceptible to hacking and should be avoided. Instead, if you have the option, make sure your router is using WPA2 - this is a much more secure security standard. Check the router settings to make sure you're using this option, and if you don't have WPA2 available, consider upgrading your router.

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If you go into your router settings, you can set your connection to only accept access from devices with approved MAC addresses. Go into the access control settings this may vary from router to router, but a Google search should help you find it on yours if necessary , and you should see a list of connected devices, with MAC addresses. You can use this to confirm or deny access as needed. Alternatively, all devices will list their MAC address in their settings somewhere. The exact path will vary depending on your Android model, however. Those are just some of the simple things you can do to improve security on your router.

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Change your router username and password 2. Change the network name 3.

How to configure Wireless MAC address filter on wireless router? | TP-Link United Arab Emirates

Change the network password 4. Deactivate WPS 5. Don't broadcast your SSID 6. Make sure your router firewall is enabled 7. Update your router's firmware 8. Use WPA2 9. Anthony, via email Wi-Fi is one of those things that sort of fades into the background of our lives so we don't really think about it.

Change your router username and password Every provider's router comes with a predetermined username and password - they're typically printed on a label somewhere on the device. Change the network name By default, your Wi-Fi network will probably have a provider-related SSID - the name that shows up when scanning for connections on a device. Change the network password You'll also have a pre-defined password - usually a random string of letters and numbers - to get devices online.

You can do this by accessing your router settings see point one. Don't broadcast your SSID By default, most Wi-Fi networks broadcast their names, so you can simply scan for accessible connections on whatever device you're using. Make sure your router firewall is enabled Many routers have a firewall that can be turned on or off.

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Update your router's firmware As with your computer or phone , routers receive updates to improve features, fix problems or increase security. Finally… Those are just some of the simple things you can do to improve security on your router. We have plenty of other guides too. Why not take a look at: How to change router settings Guide to internet security How to keep kids safe online How to use your own router BT Router unpacked Plusnet router analysed Sky router revealed.

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Fried Kickin Posts: 60, Forum Member. You could see if there's an option for mac address filtering on your homehub. Then just allow your own macs. Theres plenty of people here that could help you fix your hh with security. Your just asking for it by not securing your wifi. What do you mean by: "It's been having some problems and doesn't seem to work when there is any sort of security on it". What security have you disabled?

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Its not that good but it is better than nothing. I have never come across a Home Hub with any kind of security bug and and if one had a problem then they all would have it because they all run the same firmware. I suggest that you post what goes wrong in more detail as I reckon that the problem is with something that you are doing. I guess that some people are sharing your wireless network.

One can have quite a lot of people sharing an ADSL line before they affect performance but more to the point they are using your monthly allowance. What they are doing is also illegal.

6. Install alternative firmware

Are you ujsing Ethernet or Wireless. If the former then I suggest that you go to That will kill your wireless connection and thus any unauthorised access. You can reenable wireless later when things are sorted. If you use wireless i suggest that you still do this and connect via Ethernet while you sort it out. The problem with the WEP or any type or security is that any of my 4 laptops in the house won't connect saying "passkey incorrect". I spent about an hour and a half talking to the support team at BT and they said they have never come accross a problem like this.

They said they were going to call yesterday but haven't so I'll call them later this week. As for MAC address filtering - I had a belkin router so I know what you mean but theres nothing like that on the homehub except a very complex firewall I'm unsure on how to use.

And ethernet is out of the question because my phoneline is near the front door and I will be ending up sitting on the hard floor if I were to use it there.